About Hepacult

Founded in 2002 as a spin-off from the University of Regensburg, Hepacult provides human tissue-based products and services for medical research and drug development to academic research institutions and pharmaceutical companies across Europe.

With access to a network of hospitals and leading surgeons, Hepacult provides broad range of diseased or normal tissues and other biospecimens (e.g., blood samples or PBMC) from the same donor that match the requirements of the researchers, accelerating the discovery of new disease-related markers and molecular diagnostics, target validations, and development of new drugs and treatment options.

Founded in 2002

Wide network of hospitals and leading surgeons

Hepacult’s expertise and more than a decade of experience in hepatic cell isolation makes it a leading supplier of freshly isolated human hepatocytes and non-parenchymal cells to the pharmaceutical and academic community involved in studies of drug metabolism, drug-drug interaction, drug transport and hepatotoxicity.

Hepacult’s human tissues and primary human cells are collected or isolated from the remnant surgical tissues of consented patients within the network of donor hospitals. In order to assure the proper collection, processing and use of human tissues, Hepacult delivers the tissues and cells under the strict ethical and legal framework of the Human Tissue and Cell Research Foundation (HTCR).


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